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Delivering defense solutions to all areas of the Canadian Armed Forces and other global military forces.


For the past 4 decades, Unisource has achieved its excellent reputation in the military supply marketplace through dedicated customer support. These efforts have resulted in our becoming a valued source of supply to National Defense Canada and other global military customers. Our reputation within the Canadian government is directly related to the cooperation and support that Unisource receives from its many partners, suppliers and principles around the world.


Given the extremely competitive nature of the global military marketplace, success can only be acheived through the cooperation and teamwork of Unisource working closely with their network of committed suppliers. Our ongoing support of Canadian military fleets is second to none.


Unisource Technology holds the following certifications providing the mandatory security clearance and tools ensuring full value added service to our customers. 


DND equipment supported by Unisource includes:


Aircraft Parts

  • F-18

  • C-130

  • CP-140

  • F-18A/E

  • Buffalo

  • Search and Rescue

  • Tutor

  • Twin Otter

  • Chinook

  • Bell Helicopters


Utility Vehicles

  • LSVW - Light Support Vehicle

  • MLVW - Medium Logistic Vehicle

  • HLVW - Heavy Logistic Vehicle

  • BV206 - Tracked Utility Vehicle

  • Armoured Vehicles

  • Leopard I C2 Tank

  • Leopard II Tank

  • Coyote 8x8 Wheeled AFV

  • Bison 6x6 APC

  • M113 Tracked APC

  • LAV III 8x8 Wheeled AFV ADATS Air Defense, Air Tank System


Additional Armoured Vehicles

  • Mamba

  • Cougar

  • Buffalo A2

  • Husky

  • Badger

  • Beaver

  • Taurus



  • Victoria Class Submarines

  • Halifax Class Destroyers

  • Frigates

  • Supply Ships

  • Coastal Defense


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