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Marine Systems

Unisource Technology Inc. supports all Canadian Naval equipment for both Maritime Forces Atlantic and Maritime Forces Pacific in addition to all Search and Rescue Marine Aircraft and Vessels.


Canadian Naval fleets currently include but are not limited to:

  • 3 Iroquois class guided-missile destroyers

  • 12 Halifax class multi-role patrol frigates

  • 12 Kingston class coastal defence vessels

  • 2 Protecteur class replenishment vessels

  • 4 Victoria class submarines


Unisource currently supports spares requirements for all variations of maritime equipment including Antennas & Communications, Appliances & Furniture, Valves, Motors, Hardware & Fasteners, Vibration Mounts and all Rubber Mounts and Rubber/Metal parts.


All marine spares are supplied from authorized manufacturers and include certifications, including submarine safety certification when required for traceability. Alternate equivalents are always available upon request including design and engineering support.

Unisource has aligned itself and partnered exclusively with the firms below in our concerted efforts to support Canadian naval requirements.  Please click on the link below for further information on our partners.





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