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Designing, manufacturing and sourcing equipment and operational spares for customers for over 50 years! Unisource Technology is one of Canada's leading suppliers of military, railway, law enforcement, and industrial components. We are an active Defense Contractor and manufacturer in the fields of telecommunications, optics, electronics and mechanical components.


"If it Flies, Floats or Rolls..." ™  ...Unisource can support it.
Atlas Devices is a solutions provider for professionals in high risk access occupations to help them work Higher, Faster, Safer.  North American exclusive partner to H. Henricksen AS.
H.Henriksen AS have more than 160 years’ experience in developing world class solutions for defence, commercial and scientific missions.
The Rapid Entering and Boarding Systems (REBS) segment was established at Henriksen in 2003 as a response to an initiative from the Norwegian Defense. They sought products that could increase the effectiveness and safety of boarding operations, especially at sea. Boarding is a high-risk operation and the users wanted equipment that was safe and thoroughly tested. 

With time REBS has evolved into a result of a multinational cooperation, where input from users in different countries has resulted in product improvements and a reduced operational risk. This development has resulted in several state of the art boarding products.

Boarding operations poses many challenges and the equipment suffers from rough use in demanding environments. The products, therefore, have to be as lightweight as possible while still being strong and durable. To meet these challenges, we utilize high-performance materials like carbon fiber and titanium. We develop and manufacture several products in-house as well as cooperate with other manufacturers of unique high-quality boarding products.




Unisource Technology supplies GMT - Gummi Metall Technik support spares across Canada, supporting all rubber to metal bonded parts including engineering, design, manufacturing, testing and aftermarket spares support.  GMT rubber/metal parts are used in the Auto/Truck/Bus, Railway, Marine, Heavy Equipment, Power/Energy, Defense, Oil & Gas, Mining and other industrial applications where rubber parts of any kind are used.  More information  on GMT products can be found here.



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